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30 Alternative Phrases to Conclude Your Writing

30 Alternative Phrases to Conclude Your Writing

Variations of ‘In Conclusion’ for English Learners: 30 Different Phrases to Use in Your Writing

Are you searching for synonyms to replace ‘in conclusion’ in your English writing? Here is a list of 30 different ways to express ‘in conclusion’ that you can incorporate into your essays.

  1. By and large
  2. In sum
  3. All in all
  4. In closing
  5. All things considered
  6. To conclude
  7. On the whole
  8. In summary
  9. Overall, it may be said…
  10. To sum up
  11. In short
  12. It can be concluded
  13. This implies
  14. In brief
  15. Taking everything into account
  16. In the end
  17. In a nutshell
  18. To put it all together
  19. Last but not least
  20. Finally
  21. Lastly
  22. At length
  23. At last
  24. Eventually
  25. To end
  26. After all
  27. At long last
  28. Briefly
  29. So
  30. Ultimately

Examples of Synonyms for ‘In Conclusion’:

  • By and large:

By and large, the company has treated me well.

  • In sum:

In sum, soul music is significant in the record industry.

  • All in all:

All in all, it had been one of Henry’s most miserable days.

  • In closing:

In closing, I’m thrilled that comic relief has joined the Space Superpower frat house.

  • All things considered:

All things considered, I believe we made the right decision.

  • To conclude:

To conclude, I’d like to express my gratitude to my family.

  • On the whole:

On the whole, people often miss opportunities to enjoy leisure.

  • In summary:

In summary, the campaign has been highly successful.

  • To sum up:

To sum up, maintaining a healthy heart requires regular exercise and quitting smoking.

  • In short:

In short, we must be prepared.

  • It can be concluded:

It can be concluded that flexible forming with multi-point control of the flexible roller is an efficient and cost-effective method.

  • This implies:

This implies that people at work function like robots, lacking emotional involvement with each other.

  • In brief:

In brief, it’s another type of digital telephone connection.

  • In the end:

In the end, we decided to organize an Easter concert.

  • In a nutshell:

In a nutshell, ensure you know your requirements before choosing a printer.

  • Last but not least:

Last but not least, allow me to introduce Jane, our new secretary.

  • Finally:

Finally, the teacher summarized the main points of the lesson.

  • Lastly:

Lastly, I’d like to express my gratitude to my parents for their unwavering support.

  • At length:

At length, the authorities granted her permission to go home.

  • At last:

At last, I spotted the right kind of bike in a shop window.

  • Eventually:

Eventually, Roberto backed down and apologized.

  • After all:

After all, every person should consider marriage as happiness is not the sole purpose of life.

  • At long last:

At long last, the government is beginning to address our issues.

  • Briefly:

Briefly, I believe we should accept their offer.

  • So:

Today, I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can achieve what others can’t.

  • Ultimately:

Ultimately, you’ll need to make the decision yourself.”

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