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Parts of Speech In English (Definition and Examples)

Parts of Speech In English (Definition and Examples)


Parts of Speech – Verb

A verb is a word or part of speech that describes an action or occurrence.


eat, realize, play, jump, carry, dig, see, watch and etc…

Example Sentences

  • I play football.
  • I like my new clothes.


Parts of Speech – Noun

A noun is a word that names a place, person or things.


dog, apple, Jackson, bottle, water, car and etc…

Example Sentences

  • I want new clothes.
  • He hurts his toe.


Parts of Speech – Conjunction

A Conjunction is a word that is used to connect clauses or sentences.


but, therefore, in addition, so because and etc…

Example Sentences

  • He ate my food, so I ate his.
  • I like my new outfit, but I like his more.


Parts of Speech – Pronoun

A Pronoun is a word that can replace a noun or noun phrase.


he, she, it, they, him, her, his, mine, my and etc…

Example Sentences

  • This food is mine.
  • I like her new book.


Parts of Speech – Adjective

An adjective is a word that describes a noun or pronoun.


beautiful, harsh, strong, weak, tall, sour and etc…

Example Sentences

  • That fighter was so strong.
  • I like being tall.


Parts of Speech – Preposition

preposition is a word that precedes a noun or pronoun to show place, time, direction in a sentence.


at, in, on, down, out, to, for and etc…

Example Sentences

  • I met Lax at school.
  • I’m looking for a better job.


Parts of Speech – Interjection

An Interjection is a word that expresses a strong emotion and is often followed by an exclamation point.


Well!, Bravo!, Oops!, phew! and etc…

Example Sentences

  • Bravo! you finished your homework by yourself.


Parts of Speech – Adverb

An adverb is a word is used to describe a noun, verb or adjective.


often, usually, loudly, always, slowly and etc…

Example Sentences

  • I walked slowly to the kitchen.
  • He usually play piano at night.


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