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50+ Foods That Start With D

50+ List Of Foods That Start With D

This helpful list will share 50+ interesting, new and unusual foods that start with d, and each food is provided with pictures to demonstrate it to help you during your educational journey while learning English.

Foods Start With D List:


  1. Dates [countable]

A common fruit in the Middle East that originated in Iraq and was cultivated in Ancient Egypt. It comes from date palm trees which grow in tropical areas. It tastes sweet and could be eaten fresh or used in many different foods.


  1. Dandelion Greens [countable]

A type of leafy greens, specifically a wild herb, that grows from the hollow stem of a dandelion plant. It has long leaves, a bitter taste and one yellow flower with multiple petals.


  1. Dill [uncountable]

A type of herb that grows widely in Eurasia and produces ‘feather-like’ green leaves and small, round fruits. The seeds and leaves are commonly used as herbs or spices for flavouring food.


  1. Damson Plum [countable]

A plum-like fruit that is similar in size to a plum, it is coloured purple and has a large seed inside it. It is widely used for culinary purposes.


  1. Durian [uncountable]

A large edible fruit that is common around SouthEast Asia in countries such as China, Japan, and Thailand. Its outer skin is thick, covered with sharp points and has an oval shape.


  1. Dewberry [countable]

A purple-red coloured fruit that is similar in size to raspberry and it tastes like blackberry. It grows in a dewberry bush and becomes ripe at the beginning of Spring.


  1. Date Plum [countable] 

A small, round fruit similar in size to a plum. It originates in Iran, Turkey, and Southeast Europe and its colour could be golden orange or purple. 


  1. Dragon Fruit [countable]

A fruit that is shaped like an oval that originates in Central and South America. It has bright red skin on the outside with green scales and a soft white or pink flesh speckled with small black seeds from the inside. People often describe it as a cross between a kiwi, a pear, and a watermelon. It is Also known as pitahaya, strawberry pear, and pitaya.


  1. Davidson’s Plum [countable]

As long as we are talking about foods that start with d, we definitely shouldn’t forget to mention this tasty fruit. It is a dark purple coloured fruit that originates in Australia and grows on small trees. People often make jams, juice, and sauces of this plum.


  1. Doub Palm Fruit [countable]

A sweet fruit that is native to SouthEastern Asia and India, and which grows on tall trees. Also known as tala palm, toddy palm, and ice apple.


  1. Dolichos Bean [countable]

A species of bean that grows in pods on a vine and is native to Africa. Also known as lablab beans or hyacinth beans.


  1. Dangleberry [countable]

A blue huckleberry that grows on a shrub and is small in size and oval in shape. It can be used to make jam, jellies, and pies.


  1. Darling Plum [countable]

A round fruit that is almost egg-shaped with black skin. It is sweet and similar in taste to black cherry and grows in a tree that can grow up to 7.5 meters tall. 


  1. Dracontomelon [uncountable]

Clementine-sized fruits are native to South Asia. They grow on large trees and have a sour flavour. They are also known as Pacific walnut.


  1. Dabai Fruit [countable]

An Oval-shaped fruit that is native to Borneo. It is similar in taste to an avocado and has dark black skin and a yellow pulp inside.


  1. Dekopon [countable]

A large, seedless and sweet variety of mandarin with a thick, orange skin that’s easy to peel. It originated in Japan and has an overwhelming sweet taste.


  1. Duku Fruit [countable]

Are tropical round fruits that grow in Southeast Asia. They have a yellow hard rind from the outside and white flesh on the inside.


  1. Dodder-Laurel [uncountable]

A tropical fruit that grows in tropical areas such as Australia, Africa, and Indonesia. It is oval in shape and eaten freshly raw.


  1. Desert Lime [countable]

A berry-sized lime with bright green skin that originates in Australia. It is also known as wild lime or bush lime. It is similar to a standard lime but rounder and smaller.


  1. Discovery Apple [countable]

An apple that has a distinct yellow-green skin with dark red patches. It is smaller than some cultivars of apples and have a crisp bite. It is grown in the United Kingdom and is often used in desserts, salads, or eaten fresh.


  1. Dried Fruit [countable]

A range of different fruits that is considered a common snack. They have had all of their water content removed through the drying process. The fruit shrinks and lasts even longer than fresh fruit.


  1. Delicata Squash [uncountable]

A variety of squash is long and oval-shaped, with light orange skin and deep green vertical lines. it has a sweet taste and is considered a cross between corn and pumpkin. It is also native to North and Central America.


  1. Drumstick [countable] 

A type of edible plant that grows in Asian and African regions. It originated in India and is commonly eaten in Southern India. It is also known as Moringa and is similar in taste to green beans.


  1. Daikon [countable]

A tropical white radish that is native to Asia, a root vegetable that looks similar in shape to a carrot but is coloured white. It is also known as Japanese radish or winter radish. And is often used in Japanese cuisine.


  1. Dasheen [countable]

A starchy tuber vegetable that has brown skin and is white from the inside. It is grown in Japan, China and the West Indies. It is also known as coco or tannia and is similar in taste to a potato and can be used in recipes as a replacement for a potato.


  1. Dulse [uncountable] 

A type of red seaweed that grows on the northern coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It is considered a good snack and is often found growing on rocks and boulders in the ocean. It has a salty taste and is often used when cooking salads, soups and potatoes.


  1. Deviled Eggs [countable] 

A healthy snack or appetizer that is made of sliced eggs, mayonnaise, mustard and apple cider vinegar.


  1. Durum Wheat [uncountable]

A type of wheat that is mainly used to make pasta due to its capability of stretching.


  1. Demerara Sugar [uncountable]

Raw sugar is extracted from sugarcane and is larger in size than white or brown sugar. It has a golden-brown colour and originated from the British colony of Demerara. It is commonly used in baking or hot beverages such as tea or coffee.


  1. Dukkah [uncountable]

An Egyptian spice blend is often used as a dip for bread or fresh vegetables. It consists of a mixture of several herbs, nuts, and spices. 


  1. Dip [countable, uncountable]

A common condiment or sauce that many foods are dipped into before eating. There are several types of dips, such as Hummus, Guacamole, Salsa and Baba Ghanoush.


  1. Dolmas [countable]

A common delicious dish that consists of Grape leaves stuffed with several fillings such as rice, meat, herbs, and spices. It could be eaten as an appetizer or as a main dish.


  1. Dahi Vada [uncountable]

Popular street food in North India is made of fried lentil dumpling fritters which are topped with whipped yoghurt and a combination of spicy and sweet chutneys.


  1. Deli Meat [uncountable]

Are pre-cooked and pre-sliced meat used for preparing sandwiches and antipasti. They include slices of ham, beef, turkey, chicken, and salami.


  1. Droewors [uncountable]

A traditional Southern African common snack that is made of dried sausage. 


  1. Domsiah Rice [uncountable]

A popular Iranian variety of rice, long-grain rice, with a black spot on one end. It is preferred for its aroma and is often cooked with fish, grilled meats, and stews. It is Also known as Persian rice.


  1. Dill Pickles [countable]

Cucumber or other vegetables such as carrot that has been pickled in a brine or vinegar. The cucumbers are sliced, stored and seasoned with dill seed, garlic, and additional flavours such as chilli pepper and mustard.


  1. Dairy Products [countable]

A range of products that are made of milk. These products include Milk, Cream, Yogurt, Butter, Cheese and more.


  1. Double Cheeseburger [uncountable]

A burger dish that consists of two beef burgers with sliced cheese, onions, mustard, pickles, and ketchup layered in between them.


  1. Dijon Mustard [uncountable]

A traditional French yellow-coloured condiment that is used to add flavour to a range of dishes such as sandwiches and salads.


  1. Dough Balls [countable]

Another popular dish in the list of foods that start with d. This dish consists of Small balls of bread dough that are made of flour, yeast, sugar and salt. They are cooked and served hot as an appetizer with garlic butter.


  1. Dabberlocks [uncountable]

A type of edible seaweed that is yellow-green in colour. It grows in the North Atlantic Ocean and can be eaten raw in salads or cooked as a vegetable. It is also known as badderlocks or winged kelp.


  1. Draw Soup [uncountable]

A Nigerian soup is made from ogbono seeds, spices, assorted meats and palm oil.


  1. Deep Dish Pizza [uncountable]

A pizza that has a deep, thick crust which is crunchy on the outside and doughy on the inside. 


  1. Dosa [uncountable]

A popular South Indian pancake dish that is often eaten at breakfast. It is made from a fermented batter that contains lentils and rice. They are thin and soft or crunchy to eat depending on how long they have been cooked.


  1. Dauphinoise Potatoes [countable]

Thinly boiled and sliced potatoes cooked in a creamy garlic sauce. Cheese is usually added to the top of it when it is baked for a deeper flavour. This dish is often served as an appetiser.


  1. Dumplings [countable]

Dough made of flour, water, and salt and stuffed with different fillings such as Beef, Chicken, Vegetables, Spinach and ricotta.


  1. Dahl / Dal [countable and uncountable]

An Indian spicy dish made from dried split peas or lentils, onions, tomatoes, spices and herbs.


  1. Doubles [uncountable]

A common street sandwich that originated in Trinidad. It is made from chickpeas and flatbread. The chickpeas are cooked in a chickpea curry.


  1. Ditalini [uncountable]

A type of Italian pasta that is shaped like small tubes and often used in soups such as minestrone.


  1. Dim Sum [uncountable]

A common delicious dish that is worthy to mention in foods that start with d list. It is a Chinese dish made of small dumplings, It has different types including steamed buns, noodle rolls, and different flavoured dumplings.


  1. Drum Fish [countable]

A freshwater fish species that can be found in rivers and lakes around North America. It is commonly known as drums or croakers and It has a firm, meaty texture. It can be eaten baked, fried, grilled or smoked.


  1. Dover Sole [uncountable]

A flatfish species with mottled skin. Its meat is firm and usually skinned on the top. People commonly eat it grilled, fryed or poached, Flavouring it with butter and sauces such as lemon and parsley.


  1. Dogfish [countable]

A species of shark that is quite common to eat in parts of Europe as it has quite a sweet yet mild taste. The meat is stretchable and is used to make fish tacos, stews, soups, and fillings.


  1. Deer meat [uncountable]

Very lean meat with a deep colour. It is often served as steak, made into burgers, or sausages. But because of being so lean, it is best grilled to cook quickly without drying it out.


  1. Doner Kebab [uncountable]

A popular fast food dish, made of meat cooked on a vertical and its outer layers are shaved off to be served with rice or in a flatbread. This common dish originates from the Middle East.


  1. Duck meat [uncountable]

A type of white meat that is considered a popular lean meat choice. People usually eat it cooked or grilled and is often paired with sweet fruits and vegetables such as plums.


  1. Dragon Noodles [countable]

Originally, An Asian dish consists of a type of noodle, soy sauce, sriracha, spiralized vegetables and chicken.


  1. Dried Squid [countable]

Popular meat is considered a snack across Asia. It is often fried in a pan with oil to make it crispy and served with a dip such as ginger.


  1. Dan Dan Noodles [countable]

A popular Chinese noodles dish that is served with crispy pork and peanuts.


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