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55+ Foods That Start With E (With Pictures)

55+ Foods That Start With E (With Pictures)

In the following article, we provided you with a list of different types of foods that start with e, in which, you as an English learner, would need to learn for many situations or conditions, for instance, if you are out at a restaurant, looking in the menu and deciding what to order or you are at the market picking up stuff.

  1. Eggplant [countable, uncountable]

A long fruit, but people use it as a vegetable. It is covered with dark-purple skin and is coloured yellow from the inside.


  1. Elderberry [countable]

A small fruit, typically a berry that is coloured black, and which grows on an elder tree that its height reaches over 25 feet.


  1. Early Girl Tomatoes [countable]

A cultivar of tomatoes that turn bright red when they ripe, they have a sweet taste and fit in many salad recipes.


  1. Early Gold Mango [countable]

A cultivar of sweet mango that has a dark yellow flesh and which originated in Florida.


  1. Eastern Hawthorn Fruits [countable]

Are small edible red berries that are usually used in making jelly.


  1. Emblic [countable]

A small round light green fruit that originated in India and has a sour taste when you eat it raw. It is also known as emblic, emblic myrobalan, myrobalan or Indian gooseberry.


  1. Edamame [countable]

An immature green soybean that grows in pods and isn’t quite ready to harvest. It is popular to eat in Asia, as it is used in several cooking recipes.


  1. Endive [countable, uncountable]

A leafy vegetable with curly yellow leaves that could be eaten raw or used in cooking recipes.


  1. Edible Flowers [countable]

Are the cultivar of flowers that you can eat or use in salad recipes, as they range from honeysuckle, rose, hibiscus, nasturtium, cornflower, and dahlia.


  1. Escarole [countable, uncountable]

A leafy green vegetable that is close in appearance to lettuce, but it is actually different, as it is part of the chicory family. It could be eaten raw or used as an ingredient in several foods.


  1. Egg Fruit [countable]

A tropical fruit that is covered with light-green yellow skin and bright yellow flesh from the inside. It is popular in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America.


  1. Etrog [countable]

A yellow citrus fruit that is close in appearance to lemon, but unlike the other citrus fruits, it hasn’t much flesh inside it.


  1. Elephant Apple [countable]

A tropical green fruit that is native to Southeast Asia, it has a sour-bitter taste. In India, it is used as an ingredient to make jams and jellies.


  1. Emperor Grapes [countable]

A type of red grapes that originated in the united states. It is often used in many drinks to add a sweet taste to them.


  1. Empire Apples [countable]

A type of apple that has maroon-red skin, in which, it originated in America. It has a sweet delicious taste and is lovable for children.


  1. Emu Apple [countable]

A variety of apple that is purple-red coloured, in which, it originated in Australia, and unlike other varieties, it has a single large seed inside it.


  1. Entawak [uncountable]

An edible yellow-brown fruit that has a spiky appearance and juicy orange-coloured pulp inside it.


  1. Emu Berry [countable]

A type of berry that is round, small and coloured red. you can find it on shrubs in Australia and eat it fresh or use it as an ingredient in salad.


  1. Enterprise Apple [countable]

A variety of apple that has deep-coloured thick skin and a sweet taste. It could be eaten raw or, due to its taste, use in tarts.


  1. Egg [countable]

As long as we talk about a list of foods that start with e, we definitely shouldn’t forget egg. A common dairy product that is produced by any type of female bird, it is round and has a thick white shell. Besides, People eat it in different ways ranging from poached, fried and so on.


  1. Emmental [countable]

A Swiss type of cheese that is medium-hard and coloured yellow. It is made from cow’s milk and often used in cooking such as fondue, creamy pasta, or as a topping for pizzas.


  1. Earth Nut [countable]

A type of nut that has two pods and each one contains one nut. It is also known as pig-nut, groundnut, and hawk nut.


  1. Edam [uncountable]

 A type of cheese with a creamy texture that is semi-hard and doesn’t spoil easily, so, it bears long travels.


  1. English Walnut [countable]

A cultivar of nut that has a light-brown thick round shall in two halves, it is shaped like a human’s brain.


  1. Estragon [uncountable]

A herb that has leaves with a strong taste, it is often used in cooking, specifically, in seasoning many dishes to give a unique taste.


  1. Escargot [countable, uncountable]

A common French dish that consists of edible land snails topped with garlic and herb paste.


  1. Egg Noodles [countable]

A Chinese popular dish that contains noodles made using egg and wheat or rice flour.


  1. Empanada [countable]

A pastry made with dough folded into a circle and stuffed with a variety of ingredients, mainly vegetables and ground meat.


  1. English Muffins [countable]

Are round leavened bread served toasted. People often eat it by spreading butter, marmalade, or jam inside it.


  1. Evaporated Milk [uncountable]

A dairy product made by removing around 60% of the water from milk which makes the consistency of milk thicker. People often use it in different foods and desserts.


  1. Elbow Macaroni [uncountable]

A type of pasta that is small, shaped like tubes and made with durum wheat. It is commonly used in different cooking recipes.


  1. Egg Salad [uncountable]

A delicious salad that is perfect to add in the list of foods that start with e. it is made with boiled eggs and some other ingredients such as mustard, mayonnaise, and herbs such as chives or dill.


  1. Eggs Benedict [uncountable]

A dish contains a toasted English muffin topped with crispy bacon, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce. Eggs Benedict combines the Hollandaise sauce and rich, creamy taste of eggs with the crisp and crunchy texture of bacon and English muffins.


  1. Erbazzone [uncountable]

A delicious pie that is stuffed with cooked green vegetables, Parmesan and pancetta. Usually, silverbeet is used including both the leaves and stalks.


  1. Egg Drop Soup [uncountable]

A common Chinese dish that is easy to prepare and has just a few ingredients but tastes savoury and delicious.


  1. Egg Foo Young [uncountable]

A Chinese dish which consists of an egg omelette made with a variety of vegetables and topped with gravy. It is great for using up leftover vegetables including bean sprouts, green onions and mushrooms.


  1. Eggplant Parmesan [uncountable]

A common Italian dish that is similar to a lasagna, but Instead of using layers of pasta, eggplant is thinly sliced and layered in between basil, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and Parmesan. Sometimes the eggplant is also fried and breaded before it is added to the other ingredients.


  1. Egg Roll [uncountable]

A popular Asian appetizer, its ingredients are rolled in an egg wrapper and deep-fried. Traditionally, they are filled with vegetables and pork. To complement the savoury flavor of the egg rolls, they are often served with a side of sweet chili sauce.


  1. Entrecote [uncountable]

A French word referring to the beefsteak from between the ribs. However, unlike a rib-eye steak, entrecote is thinner and takes less time to cook. Entrecote is often cooked in a pan on either side depending on how well-cooked you like your steak.


  1. Etouffee [uncountable]

A dish that originated in Louisiana, consists of meat cooked in a sauce along with green peppers or chilli peppers, onions, and celery. It is seasoned together with Cajun spices and hot sauce.


  1. Eel [countable]

A popular fish eaten in Italy and is traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve.


  1. Easter Pie [countable, uncountable]

A traditional Italian pie served at the end of Lent. pies can considerably vary with some pies containing 33 layers, Depending upon the region in Italy. These layers can be made with egg, cheese, ham, meat, and vegetables.


  1. Escallop [countable]

A thin piece of meat often shallow fried. Usually, veal is used. however, chicken and fish work as well. Once thinned, the meat is commonly covered in breadcrumbs or served with a creamy sauce such as mushroom or cheese sauce. 


  1. Ecrevisse [countable]

A type of small lobster-like crustacean that is often boiled and can be served with pasta, vegetables, or salad. A soup can also be made of Ecrevisse or even butter.


  1. Elk [countable]

A type of meat that could be cooked roasted and tastes great when marinated. Elk can be roasted, minced or seared and can be eaten with vegetables.


  1. Enchiladas [countable]

A dish contains Tortillas stuffed, rolled, and baked in an oven dish, topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Enchiladas can vary depending on the filling such as chicken, vegetables or beef. They often use a variety of spices and are served with guacamole and sour cream to complement the spicy filling.


  1. English Sole [countable]

A type of flatfish smaller in size than Dover sole. It is delicate in taste with white flesh which makes it perfect to mix with citrus flavours. English sole is often fried or baked with Parmesan, lemon or thyme.


  1. Emu [countable]

A tall bird with a long neck, it is considered a healthy alternative to eating beef and can be cooked well when roasted, pan-fried, sauteed, broiled, or grilled.


  1. Easter Eggs [countable]

A type of hollow chocolate egg that originated in France and Germany. They are usually sold and consumed around Easter and can be purchased in a variety of sizes and patterns. 


  1. Eccles Cake [countable]

A British pastry more than a cake, originating from Eccles. It is a round flat dessert, with golden, crusty puff pastry on the outside and filled with dried currants and spices.


  1. Éclair [countable]

A tasty pastry filled with cream and usually topped with chocolate. The dough is piped in an oblong shape. It is then baked and once cooked and cooled, filled with your chosen filling. A classic eclair is often filled with vanilla pastry cream and is topped with chocolate icing. However, you can also fill eclairs with chocolate cream too.


  1. Eggo Waffle [countable]

A waffles brand that you can purchase in America and are a popular breakfast food, but can also serve as dessert. They are made from wheat flour, vegetable oil, eggs, and baking soda. So, I thought it would suit adding to the foods that start with e list.


  1. English Trifle [countable]

An English trifle originated in Scotland, it consists of Cake pieces, Custard, Fruit pieces, Jelly and Cream.


  1. Espresso [countable, uncountable]

A very interesting drink that is worth to add to the list of foods that start with e. This drink is made of a single shot of coffee. The coffee beans are ground, roasted and pressured with water to create a concentrated drink.


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