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45+ Foods That Start With K (with pictures)

45+ Foods that start with K (with pictures)

This is a list of foods that start with K in English that is well-categorised and each food is provided with a picture to demonstrate it to help you during your educational journey while learning English. You might need this Food vocabulary in different situations, for example, when ordering your food at a restaurant.

  1. Kaffir Lime [countable]

A citrus fruit whose origins are in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia and southern China. The fruit and leaves are part of cuisine to add flavour and fragrance.


  1. Kale [countable, uncountable]

A vegetable that suits to add to foods that start with K list. It a vegetable leaf belonging to a group of cabbage. Kale is a common ingredient and a perfect choice to power up your salad or smoothie.


  1. Kebobs [countable]

A popular delicious dish in many countries and particularly in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Kebabs are a combination of meat and vegetables that are skewered.


  1. Kung Pao Chicken [uncountable]

A very popular stir-fried dish that originated in Sichuan China and which is made with cubes of vegetables, chicken, spicy and chilli peppers. 


  1. Ketchup [uncountable]

A condiment or sauce and is used in many foods and dishes like French fries.


  1. Kettle Corn [uncountable]

A Common fair food consists of popcorn seasoned with sugar, salt, and oil. The combination of sweet and salty is what makes this popcorn a fan favourite.


  1. Key Lime Pie [uncountable] 

A common American dessert made with a combination of egg yolks, key lime juice and sweetened condensed milk. thus, key lime pie is light and fluffy in terms of flavour and consistency.


  1. Kimchi [uncountable]

A traditional Korean appetiser Made with salted and fermented cabbage and Korean radish. Kimchi has a spicy yet tangy flavour. Kimchi is used in many dishes as an ingredient.


  1. Kidney Beans [countable]

A variety of beans named for their resemblance to kidneys in appearance. They appear and are used in many dishes.


  1. Kingfish [countable]

A fleshy fish that people prefer grilled, baked, fried or even smoked. It is also a good alternative to tuna or salmon.


  1. Kit Kat [uncountable]

Well-known Crispy wafers across a variety of cultures with all kinds of flavour variants, such as green tea, cookies and cream and more.


  1. Kiwi [countable]

While we are talking about a list of foods that start with K, we definitely shouldn’t forget to mention this well-known fruit. Kiwi is a small soft fruit covered with brown skin and green inside with black seeds that originated in China.


  1. Kosher Pickles [countable]

Pickles that are made in the Jewish New York City style, marinated and infused with plentiful garlic and dill. With their Sour taste, these pickles are perfect on any sandwich.


  1. King Crab [countable]

A popular seafood dish contains a species of crabs. There are many types of king crab, with red being the most common. Their large size and unique, savoury taste make them a highly desired cuisine and ingredient.


  1. Krupnik [uncountable]

A Polish barley soup made with vegetable and meat broth. It basically includes potatoes, meat, onion, and/or dried mushroom.


  1. Kasha [uncountable]

A type of grain dish common in East-Central and Eastern European countries. In English, Kasha is usually buckwheat grains eaten as cereal, but in other areas and languages, it can apply to any type of cooked grain.


  1. Kedgeree [uncountable]

A common breakfast dish in Europe, particularly in Britain. Taking its inspiration and origins from India, the dish is a good combination of flaked fish, boiled eggs and rice boiled with curry, and butter or cream.


  1. Kamameshi [uncountable]

A popular Japanese rice dish that is topped with vegetables and chicken or seafood. Originally, referred to as communal eating from a cooking pot called kama, it branched out to include single portions.


  1. Kipper [countable]

A small, oily fish or typically a whole herring split in a butterfly fashion from tail to head. The fish is pickled or salted and then smoked to give it flavour.


  1. Kecap Manis [uncountable]

A type of sweet soy sauce originated in Indonesia. It is a common condiment made from fermented soybeans, salt, roasted grain, palm sugar and some other ingredients.


  1. Ketembilla [uncountable]

A type of berry belongs to Sri Lanka and Southern India. It is commonly used as a great ingredient in making jam or jelly and is just as good eaten fresh.


  1. Kielbasa [uncountable]

A Polish U-shaped smoke sausage that’s flavoured with garlic. Kielbasa can be pork, beef, turkey, chicken, or veal so long as it’s prepared as sausage.


  1. Kiwi berries [countable]

Fruits that are very similar in texture and appearance to Kiwi fruit. The primary difference is that the berry cousin is skinless and much smaller and sweeter than the common kiwi fruit.


  1. Kudzu [uncountable]

An edible plant that has many culinary and medicinal uses in Asia. The leaves are edible and the shoots are alike snow peas.


  1. Knish [uncountable]

A popular Jewish snack food. Typically, a doughy dumpling is filled with meat and potato. This deep-fried snack is easy to eat and will quickly take care of any munchies.


  1. Kelewele [uncountable]

A dish consists of seasoned plantains that originated in Africa. The dish is prepared with plenty of spices, a primary being cayenne.


  1. Kohlrabi [uncountable]

Also known as German turnip, is ​a vegetable of the cabbage family whose thick, round, stem is edible. It is eaten both raw and cooked, it is also used as an ingredient for many dishes.


  1. Kiszczonka [uncountable]

A common Polish soup made with water, cooked black pudding, flour, spices and milk. 


  1. Kumquat [countable]

A popular citrus fruit that originated in Southeast Asia. Similar in taste to an orange, but they are a lot smaller, around the size of an olive.


  1. Kugel [uncountable]

A popular Jewish dish contains baked pudding or casserole. Kugel is typically made from egg noodles or potatoes and is often served on Jewish holidays.


  1. Knackwurst [uncountable]

A type of sausage from northern Germany. Having originated at some point during the mid-16th century, there are now several ways to make knackwurst depending on region and family tradition. Usually, the basic ingredients are ground veal and/or pork and fresh garlic.


  1. Kantola [uncountable]

A type of gourd fruit, Originating from areas of India and popular in parts of South Asia. Kantola could be cooked, spiced, or eaten as a vegetable. It is also known as spiny guard or bristly balsam pear.


  1. Klondike Bar [countable] 

Dessert snack bars of ice cream coated with a thin layer of chocolate that are a favourite for many children. 


  1. Kurrat [uncountable]

A leek vegetable originating from Egypt. it’s prominent in areas of the Middle East and used in various different dishes.


  1. Kenkey [uncountable]

A type of dumpling originated in Africa and is common in the Caribbean. The African version is filled with meats and veggies served with stew, soup, or sauce. The Caribbean version is filled with cornmeal, plantain, green banana or cassava wrapped in banana leaves.


  1. Kachumbari [uncountable] 

A popular tasty East African salad made of fresh tomato and union. It is an extremely popular dish and extraordinarily easy to prepare. Some versions include chilli peppers to add a little extra spice.


  1. Keshi Yena [uncountable]

A round ball of cheese originated in Dutch. It is stuffed with spiced meat then baked or steamed. 


  1. Kapusniak [uncountable]

A vegetable soup made with mushroom or fish stock. It is also known as cabbage or sauerkraut soup.


  1. Katsudon [uncountable]

A very popular Japanese food consists of a simple bowl of rice topped with fried pork cutlet, vegetables, egg, condiments, and often caramelized onions.


  1. Knäck [uncountable]

An extremely common Swedish Christmas candy made with chocolate, caramel, lemon, orange, mint and more. It is served in many households during the holiday season.


  1. Kouglof [uncountable]

A Central European cake made with a variety of fruit and nut combinations and baked in a circular Bundt mould. It is popular in many countries, including Austria, Bosnia, Switzerland, Germany, and more.


  1. Kachori [uncountable]

A traditional spicy Indian snack that is Flaky and flavorful and made with gram flour and moong dal and then deep-fried.


  1. Kushari/Kushary [uncountable]

An Egyptian rice dish made with lentils, chickpeas and macaroni then covered with tomato sauce and fried onions. Taking inspiration from India, Italy and other Middle Eastern countries.


  1. Kai kou xiao [uncountable]

A traditional popular Chinese cake that consists of a fried sesame cake made with water, sugar, flour, egg and sesame seed.


  1. Kheer [uncountable]

A form of pudding originated in India and Southern Asia made by boiling milk, sugar, and rice. After it’s done, just add some dried fruit and you’ve got a simple delicious dish.


  1. Koeksister [uncountable]

A popular South African dessert, similar to a doughnut. It is made of fried dough infused and mixed with syrup or honey. The dish takes a braided shape and is quite sweet and crisp.


  1. Kulfi [uncountable]

A popular Indian frozen dessert. Though it resembles ice cream, Kulfi tastes a little different. Basically, kulfi is made with milk, sugar, nuts, and cardamoms, and frozen in a popsicle-style mould. I added it because I thought it would suit in the list of foods that start with k.

Kulfi-Foods-That-Start-With-K (2)

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