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20+ Foods That Start With X

20+ Foods That Start With X

This helpful list will share 20+ interesting, new and unusual foods that start with X, and each food is provided with pictures to demonstrate it to help you during your educational journey while learning English.

  1. Xylocarp [countable]

A tropical fruit that is so close in shape to coconut, in which, it has a hard brown shell just like coconut.


  1. Xoi [uncountable]

A Vietnamese breakfast dish or snack which is made from glutinous rice and some other ingredients such as beans and eggs. Moreover, it can be made in different ways to either serve as a dessert or as a savoury food.


  1. Xinomavro Grapes [countable]

Are wonderful tasty grapes that originated in Macedonia, and which are used as an ingredient in some drinks.


  1. Xiaolongbao [uncountable]

A Chinese steamed bun that is prepared in a steam basket called Xiaolong where its name originated.


  1. Xoconostle [countable]

A cactus sour fruit that tastes like pickled pears, and which is used in many jellies, soups, different Mexican dishes and other recipes.


  1. Xavier Steak [uncountable]

A tasty hot dish made from grilled steak with the addition of some tasty toppings such as asparagus and melted cheese.


  1. Xavier Soup [uncountable]

Typically, an Italian chicken soup that is made of parmesan-and-parsley dumplings and chicken broth.


  1. Xiphias [uncountable]

A fish species that has a thin sharp jaw, and which can make many delicious dishes of.


  1. Ximenia [uncountable]

A sweet fruit that can be eaten fresh or used in making jams and juicy drinks.


  1. Xylitol [uncountable]

A chemical compound considered a substitute for sugar, in which, it enters the industry of several low-calorie diet foods such as peanut butter.


  1. X-mas cookies [countable]

A type of cookie that is considered a tradition during holidays, it has many differentiated shapes and flavours such as gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies.


  1. Xanthan Gum [uncountable]

Used as an additive, stabilizer or thickening agent in foods to prevent the ingredients from separating.


  1. Xacuti [uncountable]

Typically an Indian traditional curry that is made using poppy seeds, red chilis and coconut and is often used in chicken cooking.


  1. Xanthia [uncountable]

A drink or cocktail made with gin, cherry brandy and yellow chartreuse.


  1. Xouba [uncountable]

A small type of Sardinian fish that could be found on Spain coasts and is used as an ingredient in many delicious dishes’ recipes.


  1. Xnipec [uncountable]

Originally a Yucatan salsa that is made from fresh vegetables such as tomato and onion, and habanero peppers. Moreover, you can have it perfectly served on tortilla chips or on top of fish or chicken dishes.


  1. Xia Mi [uncountable]

A traditional Chinese dish which consists of dried shrimp, actually, Xia mi is originally a Chinese word which means dried shrimp.


  1. Xo Sauce [uncountable]

A very spicy Honkongas sauce that is used on seafood to add a special flavour and is made by combining scallops, chilli peppers, ham, and garlic.


  1. Xidoufen [uncountable]

A common traditional Chinese soup dish that is made of boiled pea meal with ginger and some other ingredients such as onion, chilli flakes, coriander and Sichuan pepper oil.


  1. Xingren Donfu [uncountable]

A Chinese tasty gelatine soft dessert that is made of sugar, gelatin and almond milk.


  1. Xigua Popsicles [countable]

A type of tasty popsicle that is made by inserting frozen Xigua melon on popsicle sticks.


  1. Xampinyons En Salsa [uncountable]

A type of salsa that is made by combining mushrooms with some ingredients such as garlic, tomato puree, and black pepper.


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